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episode one of “ignoring nature” – tasty but boring birds?
November 29, 2008, 2:56 pm
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setting:  cable access, saturday, 7:00 am

cody bear: good morning everyone and welcome to “ignoring nature in our own back yard”.  I’m cody bear and this is my lovely co-host pickles.

pickles:  ooooh, i’ve found a bug!


cb:  ignore it!

cb: (aside) see why she is just the co-host

cb: today on “ignoring” we will be talking about the many birds in our back yard we ignore.  what did we ignore yesterday, pickles.

pick: first we have a mail house finch


cb:  how boring!

pick: actually…i ….i think he looks very yummy.

cb:  how can you say that?  he doesn’t even closely resemble a cat!

pick:  i’m find it very yard to ignore him.  especially when i only get two meals a day.

cb:  house finches are very common here, along with many other finches, sparrows, doves, grackles. sometimes we get grackles, thrashers, pigeons, humming birds, cardinals, goldfinches, mockingbirds, wrens.  all these birds are very inviting to the local cats, which is why they are very important to my personal food chain.  but still….i ignore them.

pick: mmmmmm.

cb:  our loudest visitor is the hummingbird.


pick:  hummingbirds are too small, too fast and too far away.  this makes them easy to ignore.

cb: excellent point pickles.  what the….?


cb:  pigeon from below.  these are easy to ignore.  very stupid.  not an ounce of cunning.  easy to ignore.

pick: difficult to ignore.

cb: i ignore birds by chasing cars as they drive by the fence.

pick: i ignore birds by chasing cody bear as he chases cars as they drive by the fence.

cb: but the best way to ignore nature is by…

cb and pick:  ROMPING!


cb:  well that’s it for today.  we’re going to eat breakfast then go ignore more wildlife

pick: (aside) i’d like to try one of those finches.

cb: see you next time!


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Cute, good job….but I don’t get this channel

Comment by pennycat

You want to be very careful about ignoring pigeons when you are below them. I know this.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Finally! Now I’ll never be tempted to subscribe to cable or get a satellite dish.

Comment by lavenderbay

Looks like a bit of a fake fight there. Lovely bird pics. Checkers sends woofs and wags.

Comment by Tom

Does this come in high-def too?

Comment by forkboy

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