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duck therapy…
November 30, 2008, 11:20 pm
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today goodbear went to the ducks.  frazzled and depressed with all the canine drama in her life, she grabbed her new rebel camera and headed toward a park.

she didn’t know this park existed until recently and was pleased with how pretty and open it was.  oh…and there were ducks.  oh…and hardly any children!  hurray.  good bear was pleased, but still moping.

the ducks were lazy today.


it was noon, and many of them were just floating around with their beaks tucked into their backs.  others tried to stay awake, but just kept nodding off.


turtles popped from the pond to bake in their shells under the sun.


then goodbear went home to her queazy dog and her crazy bratty stubborn dog.  took a nap and woke up mopey again.

sigh.  goodbear loves her dogs, she just wishes the one would stop barfing and the other would get over her adolescent teendog stubborn streak….


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Hang in there! Those teendog months are tough. Great shot of the turtle. Do you know what kind it is?

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Wow, a Northern Shoveler, some Mallard mutts, and (I think) a Painted Turtle! My post last Sunday had both bird species, but the turtles up here are all tucked in till Spring.

Comment by lavenderbay

Ducks know how to relax! I’m sure things with the dogs will settle down soon. Cody Bear will be feeling better, and in a few months, Pickles will be out of college and ready to get a job.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Nice photos. I love turtles.

Comment by S. Le

Ducks, bears, pickles, barf and obstinate behaviour. Sounds like you have a lovely collage going on over there!

Comment by forkboy

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