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what with all the chocolate and the hedge hog minion…
November 30, 2008, 5:13 pm
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last night we got together to celebrate one of my friend’s professional successes.  one friend brought monogram cupcakes to celebrate her.

within 30 seconds of removing foil…


we had a variety of desserts, as well as beer, wine, and…adult hot cocoa.

cody bear isn’t really a big moocher.  he wanted attention from d. more than his cake.


and the night progressed…


pickles become increasingly more resentful of a.h.  you see, a.h. is married to r.  and r. is the reason for picky’s existance.  she adores him.  she will find a way for them to be together.


look at her glaring at a.h., scheming with her hedgehog minion.  it’s sad, really….


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hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo shud tell pickles to be verry verry careful i hav delt with ninja hedjhogs before and they ar nuthing but trouble even if they do pretend to be yore minyuns!!! ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi

The dwindling batch of cupcakes will replace the flying calendar sheets and spinning clock hands on movies now. Be sure to patent the idea and collect your royalties!

Comment by lavenderbay

Looks like it says, “aaaaaaaaaaa!”

They also look delicious.

Comment by S. Le

Yummy cupcakes!!!

Comment by Gina

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