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smells like a meme!
December 1, 2008, 3:40 am
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ooooh! a smell meme!  lavenderbay and i were chatting on her blog about smells and she suggested we do a smell meme!

so here it is:  the nose meme:

1.  list 5 smells you love!


1. dirt. fresh damp soil!

2. grass

3. fresh baking bread

4.  marker pens

5. herbs like rosemary and mint and basil and such


2. list 5 smells you don’t like

1. burning dust

2. canned dog food

3. perfume

4. tar

5. tripe

i’m tagging:

1. lavenderbay (obviously since it was her idea!)

2. dennis, cuz viszlas appreciate smells!

3. hilary, cuz her dogs get out and about alot so they get to smell plenty!

4. elizabeth, cuz she has some time on her hands

5. and pennycat, even though i’m sure it will be cheese cheese cheese!

so there you go memers.  feel free to let us know what you like in the comments, as well.


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All right, way to go Goodbear! I’ll do the meme at my place, but I can tell you right away that besides sawdust, cloves are pretty high on my list of favourites.

Comment by lavenderbay

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot do yoo meen yoo dont like the smel of cannd dog food or tripe??? nekst yoo wil tel me yoo dont like the smel of skunks eether!!! i wil hav to think long and hard to deside wot smels i like and evn harder to deside wot smels i dont like i wil git bak to yoo soon ok bye

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

[…] discussing smells yesterday, and we thought a smell meme — a smeme? — might be fun. Goodbear designed a nice straightforward one, and answered it on her blog. Now it’s my […]

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Well thanks for the tag!! Georgie usually smells like hamsters (which we don’t mind) – Jessie does like to roll in fox poo but at the moment smells fine. As for our house . . . well that’s another story 🙂

Comment by Hilary

[…] 2008 hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wuz sort of double tagd by my gud frends goodbear and lavenderbay to do a nose meem abowt smels wot i like now beeing a dog i can smel all kinds of […]

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