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after nine hours of drinking…of course you’re going to be ha-py!
December 4, 2008, 4:04 pm
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i saw t his sign as i was driving through a …. more casual…part of town tuesday.  good thing it wasn’t yesterday, or i may have stopped.

i had a crummy crummy work day yesterday.  i majorly screwed up and my boss would be excused if he dumped a bucket of fish oil over my head and called me an idiot and tried to make me cry.

moving on…

cody bear sick again this week, so he had to skip agility.  which was good.  i needed the night off to take care of some other crap.  last night was agility with pickles, which went very well.  she basically salvaged my day….only to peeve me later by barking the entire time i walked cody bear.  she is such a little brat.

but man is she good at agility. and for someone so young!  for xmas i’m getting her a jump.

time to try to redeem myself at work. . .


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Sorry you had a bad work day & that Pickles was a Barky-Monster.

Perhaps partaking in a couple hours of drinking will remedy the situation or at least make you forget. Cheers.

Comment by Elizabeth

Best of luck at work, and barring that I’d wear a fish-oil-proof hat!

Comment by forkboy

I hope things go better today. If they don’t, at least you know where to go to get hapy.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

fyi, it wasn’t me that did the 9 hours of drinking! that’s just the time it takes to enjoy ha-py hour at the dive bar….

Comment by goodbear

Today’s Friday, at least. I hope your weekend goes well!

Comment by lavenderbay

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