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rose…squashed. love…probably squashed, too.
December 6, 2008, 6:47 pm
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so i came home for lunch on wednesday, and in the middle of the road before my driveway was a lone long stemmed red rose….


i had just been listening to a photography podcast at work explaining that one should take pictures everyday.  so i grabbed the telephoto and tried focusing on the bud.  how lucky!  a truck was going to drive by.  the driver swerved and intentionally squashed the rose….

the rose was on my mind every so often throughout the afternoon.  how did the lonely rose make it there?

did a woman receive it from her guy and then leave it on top of her car when she drove to work?  how thoughtless, clearly she doesn’t love him.

was a man going to give it to his sweety to say sorry for something foolish?  and then DID he carelessly drop it on the way to the car, then drag it into the street, not realizing he had lost it till he was face to face with his irritated love?

was an entire bouquet tossed out the window in an overly dramatic scene of  “i want you back, baby” because she was tired of his antics and it…was…over?

was it waiting for a husband when he came home?  a new way to spice up a marriage, but he ignored her…read the paper…left to play golf…so…she hucked it at him as he backed out of the driveway with his pings and a new box of callaways?

did some one leave them scattered through the city, leading an intrigued lover?  a sort of don juanian scavenger hunt?

what the hell happened????

or was it simply there to be run over, like i believe love often is?  is the rose my metophor for love, all pretty when it’s new, only to die and leave you with  stinky water in its vase?


was the driver of the truck of my same opinion?  he doesn’t believe in love:  thinks it and its cheesy symbols are worthless and…maybe resents them a little?


it was just some random rose.  but roses make you think.  and their effect on people makes you wonder.  and…they’re kind of expensive and a cliche.

my ex once sent me a bouquet of them after we broke up.  they came with an haiku poem.  i gave them to my receptionist upon receipt. hope she enjoyed them at home.  and my coworker suggested i save the poem for when i need to file for the restraining order….ha ha.  just kidding.  i mean, she really said that, but no restraining order necessary.


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Lovely photo.

Comment by S. Le

Maybe the rose got even and punctured his tire with a thorn …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Maybe the cosmos recognized that you needed something interesting to photograph so it arranged for this single rose to be right where you would see it.

Sounds feasible, right?

Oh….you should tell us to whom it was your were listening….maybe we, your fellow photogs, would like to hear it too!

Comment by forkboy

If only all litter could be so pretty and thoughtprovoking…

Comment by Dave & Hannah

An excellent example of pathetic fallacy. Speaking of which, why is it snowing on your blog?

Comment by lavenderbay

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