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pickles is union now.
December 12, 2008, 2:11 pm
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ahhh. friday.  the new guy starts today.  he’s part time. so now its my boss, me, one full time tech and one part time junior tech guy.

and….the boss is taking us all to lunch today!

moving on.  here is a picture of pickles chewing a puppy dental bone:


pickles was a tiny hero yesterday.  she was acting weird. investigating something in the bathroom. licking pipes.  before work yesterday my little border collie puppy found a leak under the bathroom sink.  i put a bucket there, then left.  when i got home there were about 3 cups of water in the bucket!  landlord coming to fix tomorrow afternoon.

moving on.  here is a picture of cody bear trying to will me to put food in his bowl:


i did feed him.  he eats four meals a day now!

well, i hope you all have a great friday. let me know what your weekend plans are.  mine are:

hair cut tonight, meeting, plumber tomorrow, dog photo shoot, sunday help my friend with her photo shoot of 50 nutcracker kids, and….i can’t remember the rest…


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awww he is making me want to feed him too! 🙂

Comment by goodbadandugly2

Fab photos of your pooches. Cody bear looks so convincing, I’d give him the entire bag!

Comment by S. Le

Poor dog, you can tell Cody never gets fed. Have a successful weekend.

Comment by solsticekennels


Comment by forkboy

Fifty Nutcracker kids? Have fun!

My plans for the weekend: Go to the St Lawrence Market tomorrow morning. Drive two hours from Toronto to meet the guy who’ll be boarding our dogs over Christmas, for a hike in the conservation area with him, his kids, his dogs, and our dogs. Sunday: hosting a chili con carne lunch for Julie the foxhound’s daddies and Chanel the GSD’s daddies. Maybe go to church before that, we’ll see. No Nutcracker kids either day.

Comment by lavenderbay

Pickles the plumber. I like that. It just rolls off the tongue so much better than Joe the plumber.

That’s just great that Codybear has an appetite and wants to eat!

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Hmm, four meals, that doesn’t sound like enough. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper — should be seven meals, right?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

[…] pickles is union now. […]

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