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turbo boost tree branch…
December 12, 2008, 4:52 pm
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ever the nature lovers, cody bear and pickles have taken a stick and made it their favorite backyard toy.  simply carrying the stick will some how make you run faster.


this earth friendly dog toy has no chemicals, no lead paint, and no brigade of youthful exploited workers had anything to do with it’s manufacture.


now, the negatives to this dog toy:  it doesn’t bounce and it doesn’t squeak.

it is, however, small enough that they won’t jam into something and hurt their mouths.

running with sticks is dangerous, as is chewing them.  but these dogs play responsibly…and they cherish it.  and it was free.


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What could be more natural than a dog and its stick?

Look at those happy puppies!

Comment by forkboy

I chew on the fish my human catches off our dock. He doesn’t allow me to hassle the catfish. He says its for my safety, but I think he just likes to give me a hard time about chasing any kind of cat.

Comment by sandysays1

Fergus has managed to bite through a twig and get it caught across his palate, between a right molar and a left molar. Twice this week. Sure, sticks are fun, but they don’t make trees the way they used to.

Comment by lavenderbay

It sounds like the plant world really has it in for Fergus!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Nothing like a free toy.
My brother’s rottie loves sticks too.

Comment by Gina

I saw a segment on Good Morning America that said the best toy for a child is a stick. Your dogs are children, right?

Comment by S. Le

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