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writing challenge…xmas chapstick and canned dog food.
December 12, 2008, 4:44 am
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metabolictornadopuppy has a challenge:  right toward the tags.  he gives you the tags, you write to the ends of using them…but wait…there’s more. in return you must leave him tags as well.

here goes.

his tags:  lip stick, fitTV, barking in the house, rainy days, and tastes like chicken.

merry christmas, goodbear.  usually people give up on the children’s christmas long before now. but, at 38…well…you’re in for your first adult christmas.  no gifts under the tree.  no gift exchange with family.  their furkids get gifts from yours. your furkids get gifts from theirs.  the dogs know it, too.  when the package arrives from home….there will be barking in the house.

you’ve been conteplating getting yourself cable tv as a christmas gift.  24 hour animal planet and fitTV.  you know what…..screw fitTV. i’ve got two spastic dogs….i’ll be fine.  so, yeah, scratch cable all together.  maybe i’ll just get myself a new lipstick.

time to go shopping actually.  two dog toys, one cat toy.  one can of fancy feast and two cans of holistic organic dog food.  mmmm…tastes like chicken.

if the 60s are the golden years…late 30s are the rainy days.



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Congratulations, you did it!
James’s latest Dennis post had an intriguing string of tags. This game might catch on! (Er, I mean, if it hasn’t yet — this is the first time I’ve seen it. )

Comment by lavenderbay

perfect! this is fun … i’m off to write after your tags!

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

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