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border collie mind control…orrrr…how things played out at the vet yesterday


so, you’re wondering how pickles’ vet appointment went down.

well, here she is imploring…with HER MIND…the vet tech to stop typing notes into the computer and to turn around and give her one of the cookies sitting right next to the key board.


it worked….once.  but then the vet tech, with firm resolve, tried to resist the border collie cookie vibe.

it was difficult.

but pickles tried harder…


it worked.

the tech vowed she would not be duped again….after yet another cookie.  she protested, “that’s enough!  see if you can get the doctor to give you a cookie.”

that worked, too.

now, i know what your’re thinking: “oh my god pickles has gotten HUGE!”

but before you leave that in the comments, please note the scale in the top photo.  she is a scant 30.5 lbs.

now, the lump is most likely a foreign body and we are watching it.  it was palpated and repalpated and palpated again.  they can feel something hard in the middle and given the pup’s knack of getting into messes, it is probably a cactus needle or some other flora invader.

they did determine that picky has a sore muscle in her back. too much romping with cody bear! treatment:  massage and coddling.  easy enough.

both dogs are currently on bed rest.  greeeaaat…


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Isn’t it something that they can get almost anything they really want LOL

Comment by solsticekennels

I get that same look when I want pizza.

Comment by forkboy

Time for a trip to the doggie chiropractor.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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