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December 19, 2008, 12:21 am
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hi everyone! welcome back to cody bear’s friends.  today…we celebrate passing 50,000 visits to our humble blog!!!!


i’ve loved blogging about cody bear and all his fun stuff, as well as bees, nature and random thoughts.  it has also been helpful sharing my thoughts on his gastroparesis.

i thank you all for stopping by to check in on cody bear and pickles, and for leaving such thoughtful, helpful and fun comments!  it means so much to me to get to communicate to other animal lovers and to share with you all how special my cody bear, pickles and spree are.

we’re definitely looking forward to future blogging.


and now that pickles is growing up and they’re becoming better friends, maybe cody bear and picky will have some crazier adventures to share.


so anyway….i’m really glad you guys check in from time to time!  and i’ve loved reading your blogs also.

and while i’m being all mushy….HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND WARMEST WISHES FOR A JOYOUS 2009!!!





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I, for one, am quite pleased to be an avid reader/follower of yours and the crew!

Wishing you and yours the warmest and best.

Comment by forkboy

cheers, goodbear.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

50,002! (Just kidding.)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful dogs. I love the magical adventures of Codybear and Pickles. (More talk shows, please!)

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

And happy holidays to you, too.

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

[…] at cody bear’s friends we had our 50,000th visitor today!  lots of celebrating over […]

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Congratulations, Goodbear!
Is Pickles old enough to travel yet? Maybe you could send her off to Iceland or somewhere else where there aren’t cactus spines, with Cody and Checkers (or a Cardi or two) .
And Merry Christmas to all you and yours!

Comment by lavenderbay

Congrats goodbear!

Comment by pennycat

Great photos, nice new banner. Your blog is always a good read. It’s fun watching your dogs and their adventures. I like seeing the bugs and YOUR adventures as well. Congratulations!

Comment by S. Le


Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

CONGRATS!!!! Tell Cody Bear and Pickles – woof woooof woof wooooof! They’d know what it means. 🙂

Happy Holidays!
-Pruett and Daphne

Comment by Pruett&Daphne

Congratulations and Happy Holidays Goodbear, Pickles and CB. The picture in the banner at the top of the blog is really beautiful!

Comment by Laura

50,000? That’s even more than 700 billion! I am in awe…well deserved attention for a wonderful blog.

Comment by Checkers

Congrats on 50,000!!! How exciting! I’ll be returning for 50,000 more!

LOVE the new header!!

Comment by Elizabeth

I like the new banner. The old one was worn out after 50,000 hits.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Congrats, goodbear! Thanks for sharing pics of your babies. Can’t tell you how much your blog has cheered me up (esp when trapped at work). Happy holidays!

Comment by tanglad

Happy Holidays to you and your family as well! Love your blog!! Congrats on so many visitors. 😀

Comment by tam

Well done Goodbear. Some great photos and stories.

Comment by bugsy01

Fifty thousand? … man. That’s a lot.

And I get excited over 40 a day.

Comment by Unknown

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