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night night.
December 23, 2008, 6:08 am
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tried to grab my camera and jump on to a chair to catch this sunset before it disappeared.


it was so pretty but my pictures suck.


i didn’t touch up the color at all. i wouldn’t know where to start.


i wish i had time to grab the tripod and the better camera. oh well.

the sunset did a good job mellowing me out after work.  one guy was out with the flu and the other guy wasn an hour and a half late.  slept late.  football hangover, i think.

tomorrow will be bonkers even IF the guys show up tomorrow.  hope they do.

and so, as we say good night to the sun, we say good night to goodbear.  who got no giftwrapping done. and no work done tonight. grr.


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Those pictures don’t suck at all!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Comment by S. Le

Don’t feel too badly…sunset and sunrise are actually more difficult to photograph than one would think (at least in my opinion).

And for whatever reason (which is likely because I’m clueless) pictures of same never seem to look as great as the real thing.

Comment by forkboy


Comment by Gina

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