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the bird just wants to be left alone, is all….
December 23, 2008, 11:46 pm
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tonight, after work, i’m driving home and i see ANOTHER red tail.  this time i’m close to home and i have my camera. i pull over to snippity snap.  no memory card.  freakin’ amateur!

race home, grab card, dogs psyched out!
back to the bird. he’s still there!


fine so far.

oh, come on…


my shutter’s not THAT loud!

annnd…he’s gone.


wish it had been sunny…


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what no card? you’re fired! just jokeing.
i think the three photos shown to gether is great! yes they could have ben better with more light. but still way cool! The botom photo is my favorit.

Comment by rainbowcrowfeather

Hey! These aren’t bad at all!

Comment by forkboy

I think those are GREAT photos! You’ve got “why is it called a red-tail?” in the second photo, and a surprising view — note where the beak and claws are, and how the feathers spread — in the third.

Comment by lavenderbay

Great photos!

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Great action shots!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

hey lavenderbay,
That type of hawk has red tail feathers thats why its called a red tail.
I was lucky enough to live near some red tail hawks for a few years in Kansas. The crows and the red tails work to gether when hunnting. The crow would bring game out in the open fore the hawks and the hawks, intentionaly or becaouse there slopy eaters, would leave a bit of food for the crows. I realy injoyed waching them. both the red tailed hawk and the kansas crow are my totems.

Comment by rainbowcrowfeather

Fantastic photos! We also have red tailed hawks. Very nice.

Comment by S. Le

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