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change-o-plans mr. queazy pants…
December 24, 2008, 4:52 pm
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if jack frost even tries to nip at my toes…i’m punting him.  i’m punting him far.


was supposed to get out of dodge right after work tonight, pack up the muttskies and head home to visit my parents.

cody bear’s nervous system has decided that those plans aren’t going to work for him.  i had to call mom and tell her i would need to post pone our merriment.

poor kid.  couldn’t get him out of bed this morning.  cute and pathetic and worrisome, all at the same time.  he’s a bit green about the gills.  wouldn’t eat.  wouldn’t go outside.

sucks.  i love my bear.

i actually had all my gifts wrapped, too.  i usually am in such a rush that i just wrap them when i get home.  cat probably drugged him so we wouldn’t leave her home alone.  sneaky cat…

so, now i have to come up with something to cheer me and the bear up.  i invited friends over (buzzybeegirl and her man and another pal.)  but…i need more…i need a christmas miracle!


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You aren’t getting to go home for Christmas at all? 😦

Comment by Gina

poor bear. get well soon little feller!

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

I can’t supply a Christmas miracle, but I will try to score you a Festivus one instead.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

gina! you’re so sweet! we’ll go home tomorrow if the bearchild is feeling better.

Comment by goodbear

Tell Codybear to stay out of the eggnog. It is called a Hangover :-). Hope he is feeling better so you can go home for Christmas.

Comment by solsticekennels

I hope CB feels better soon. A visit to Grandma is just what the vet would order, isn’t it?

Comment by Dave & Hannah

[…] guide to a healthy dog” or something like that.  i figured it wouldn’t hurt given all cody bear’s health problems. […]

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Oh, dear. I hope everything straightens out for you. Meantime, Merry Christmas!

Comment by lavenderbay

Oh dear, feel better and watch out for sneaky cats!

Comment by Patrick and Jackson

patrick and jackson….cody bear was VERY wary of sneaky cats on his xmas day post!

Comment by goodbear

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