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our biological clocks up and left the building! hurray!
December 25, 2008, 4:37 pm
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and so it came to pass that i had to buy a gift for my boss.  ’twas christmas time and that is what one does.  but he doesn’t like gifts.

so, my coworker and i decide we will buy something special for his 8 month old daughter. (his daughter is the same age as pickles!)

but the coworker was sick, so buzzy came along to help me pick something out.


an hour, people.  an hour in the children’s over price specialty toy shop.  we actually had to leave for ice cream to ponder.  none of the dollies were the right color.  the puppets were too big and may have scared the dear lamb.  ultimately we selected what the sales youth described as an “imagination toy.”

oh dear god.

while we waited for the terrible free gift wrap job to be completed we tried things on, squeazed things, mocked things.

i think buzzy’s glasses sum it up regarding the childrens’ store.  “HELL NO!  WHEN PIGS FLY!!!”

SO glad i don’t have kids, and so is miss buzz.  her description of the entire shopping adventure:  “good form of birth control!”

in the long run we’ll save lots of money….plus….we want to keep all the fun and silly stuff for ourselves!


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That must be where Elton John goes to get his shades!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Shopping as birth control. I love it!!!

Comment by lavenderbay

Wow, fab glasses! Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope cody b. is feeling better. Sending many wags and good cheer…!!!

Comment by Checkers

Cool Baby, Far Out!!

Comment by pennycat

Very cute.

Comment by Gina

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