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you found the christmas potato, or…a wet cat gains altitude…
December 26, 2008, 5:55 am
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we left this morning and rolled into christmas town around 2 ish. here’s how the arrival went:


exit car.

enter back gate of parents’ house.

cody bear instantly spots cat.

cat stuck up tree.


2 hours later…cat still stuck up tree.

and it was pooring down rain.

that was so exciting.

next, pickles obsconds with a potato from my mom’s stash of root veg. nice move, picky punk!


naturally we were cracking up.

then….the presents.

yes, there are typically more prezzies for the pets than anyone else under the trees in our family.

the remainder of the afternoon cody bear waited at the window for more cats.


and still…it rained.

the dogs are exhausted from the drive.  especially cody bear.  his gastroparesis makes travel uncomfortable for him. but….he forgets all that once he sees his grandparents.

plus….he treed a cat today, so he’s feelin’ good!

more tomorrow. night dearies!



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Important duty for dogs freeing the world of cats. Glad you made it home for Christmas.

Comment by solsticekennels

Way to go CB. How do the grandparents survive without you? With cats running freely through their yard, that’s how.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

hello pickles its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am shoor that potato wuz yummy and all but yoo may want to consider steeling sumthing from the kownter nekst time like turkee or pie mmmmm pie ok bye

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Savvy dog. He knows the value of potatoes!

Comment by Judie

Treeing a CAT!!! What the H—!@##% Hey, dog send my Christmas Gift!!

Comment by PennyCat

Treeing a cat…the best Christmas present a dog could get. Ours and my brother’s dog got lots of gifts too. 🙂

Comment by Gina

[…] buzz Gina on you found the christmas potato…PennyCat on you found the christmas potato…Judie on you found the christmas […]

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[…] you found the christmas potato, or…a wet cat gains altitude… […]

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