cody bear's friends

pipe down little birdie. and hold still, will ya!

my parents.  they love birds.  they have four tiny parrotlets they coddle indoors.  outdoors, they have multiple  bird feeders for a variety of birds.  and native flowers that attract the local hummers and native trees that have great allure to the local seed and insect eaters.

and it’s not that they don’t like cats. they just don’t like cats eating their guests.  so naturally…they were quite pleased with cody bear’s act of ornithological heroism yesterday.  click here for that.  yesterday’s weather was beastly, but as promised today was biting cold but sunny.  and here we have their favorite visitor:


buzzy says these birds are non-indigenous punks.  aggressive little pigs.  i agree with the aggression part.  the entire morning they read me the riot act.

but…as long as i stayed more than 15 feet away, they remained still for a few shots.


you can learn more about these birds, and what they sound like when they’re swearing at me, by clicking here, the smartest bird smartskies in the world.

here’s a shot that shows you how tiny this little bastard is.  (i know that sounds mean, but really….he was kind of being a jerk about getting his picture taken at first!)


and here’s an artsy shot…just ‘cuz…


the birds are not at all gracious to cody bear for lengthening their tiny, rapid winged lives.


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The hummingbirds are looking very puffy in the cold. They’re pretty little things, but so mean!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Well put. Codybear is an ornithological hero.

Comment by Hannah

I love the white feathers around its eyes that make it appear to have big, human-type eyes.

Comment by lavenderbay

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