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interspecies spooning and . . . a small scale gender rebellion
December 28, 2008, 1:29 am
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having received the blessing of the christmas potato, pickles has returned home.

she definitely loved being at my parents’ house.  she’s grampa’s girl and was showered with love.  between the two dogs they received:

one soccer ball, a collar for cody bear, a stuffed tiki toy, a zebra, a donkey, a fleecy ball, a squeaky seahorse, venison jerky, some chews, a big pirate rubber chicken, a small angel rubber chicken, a lamb, a llama, and this very special pendant from her aunt, uncle and kitty cousin.


so fitting.  the dog truly is a mess.  i should consider changing her name from pickles to piggles, the way she wallows in the mud and roots around in the dirt.

now, we’re home and she is exhausted from the drive.  it was very cold while were gone, so the cat that normally dislikes pickles is sucking the body heat right out of the poor puppy.

let’s check in on them as they spoon…


aw. precious spooners with your matching white tips, bibs and schnozzes.  look at their paws all nestled closely….


but wait, something isn’t right. it appears as if everyone but cody bear is on cody bear’s bed!

poor queazy guy.  the girls have relegated him to the tiny puppy bed.




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Absolutely hilarious. We have group spooning in our house on a regular occasion… Mostly dog on dog, but every once in a while the cat crams in… The white mittens shot is adorable.

Comment by jollyjackmaverick



Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

Girls always get what they want …

Comment by jamesviscosi

“Girls Gone Wild” has been replaced with “Girls Gone Tired” at your home!

Comment by forkboy

“This is MY puppy bed. I’m pushing you two off. So there!”

Comment by lavenderbay

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