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you could skip reading this post and life would be fine.
December 29, 2008, 9:38 pm
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oh my god i’m so bored.

home sick today, and probably will be for a few days.  it’s this weird freaky contagious crap that sent me to the hospital years ago.  so here i am.

bored bored bored and my keyboard is crapping out on me.  nuts!

obviously with so little going on, i will post pictures of the doglets.  obviously.

here’s one now.


i shouldn’t go to the vet today, but cody’s ailment is going haywire, so it’s a must do.  they’re so good.  even the 8 month old puppy just wants to sleep today.

this is her normally.


personally, i think she is tired from yesterday’s growth spurt.  i swear, between 6am and midnight she shot up 2 inches.

what else… hmmmm.

there’s a cat eating a piece of newspaper in my front yard.

and that’s allll i got!

hope you had time to waste. if not, sorry i enticed you to read this stupid post.


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I am sorry your Cody Bear is not feeling well.

Comment by Preston Surface

Requesting Magna-Enhance Zoom (TM) on the first photograph, for close-up on Cody Bear’s tongue sticking out so adorably.

Comment by Drunkbunny

[…] buzz Drunkbunny on you could skip reading this po…Preston Surface on you could skip reading this po…Elizabeth on some images to […]

Pingback by cody bear’s friends

thanks for the kind thoughts preston.
drunkbunny, i have completed your request!

Comment by goodbear

As I’ve had flu (with a cough) for 3 weeks, followed by a cold (very chapped nose), I’m too exhausted to do much apart from reading enticing blogs. I hope that my avatar won’t fight with any of the others 😉

Comment by chebarbz

Your life may be currently dull, Goodbear, but your writing in this post is hilarious! I hope things look up for you soon.

Comment by lavenderbay

That’s what the cat thinks of mainstream media! Hope you (and Cody Bear) feel better soon.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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