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hey! you gonna plant that?
December 30, 2008, 6:07 am
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i really should have planted these guys weeks ago!


now that we’ve gotten our cheeky garlic shots out of the way, i have to give you some sad news:

most of my succulents have died from the terribly cold weather!  and you KNOW how much i love those guys!

i…i…i think i’ll be o.k.


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Mmmm… garlic!

Sorry about your plants. That is sad.

Also sorry you are ill. Better yet? Loads of people here have that crud as well.

How is Good Bear’s condition? Improved yet?

The cardinal photo is really beautiful!

Commenting all in one place is faster than commenting on all the blog entries I’ve missed.

Happy New Year to you and your doggies.

Comment by S. Le

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the cacti. The garlic looks pretty healthy, though. I’ve occasionally planted ginger rhizomes that sprout, and get nice potted leafery for nothing.

Comment by lavenderbay

Just been catching up on your posts! Love the new blog header picture! Annie

Comment by daisydog

me like-uh the garlic

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

Sorry about your succulents. I remember the first year we were out here in California, I planted several euphorbia on the front hill (I had seen several massive specimens in the neighborhood) and was pretty upset when the frost killed them all. That was when I learned that:

1) Euphorbia are not cacti
2) Euphorbia are not frost-tolerant
3) Around here, you can only grow euphorbia if you are on TOP of the hill, not at the bottom where the cold air collects

Oh well. Live and learn. (Unless you’re the euphorbia, in which case it’s “freeze and die”.)

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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