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scrambled…with a side of kissy kisses!
December 31, 2008, 2:29 am
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so, last night i went shopping specifically for eggs to make for my cody bear.  he’s had it rough and i thought he could use some scrambled eggs.  plus, pickles has not tried them yet.


now the dogs love me even more.  well, they love me most when i’m in the kitchen, love me somewhat less in other rooms.

so, yes, um the vet.  poor cody bear.  as if his stomach and nervous system weren’t enough of an issue, champ hurt his back!  he had a chiropractic adjustment and we made a second appt for today.

this morning he was happily rough-housing with pickles, and you could tell he was feeling better.  the follow up x-rays showed a healthy spine.

of course….i don’t need to even set my alarm clock any more.  partially because i’ve not been going to work for being sick and all, but also, cody bear is in the unfortunate routine of barfing before dawn.  we go back friday to further work on the stomach and spleen diagnoses, but for now, he looks happier with the back issue…

plus! my mom is coming to town tonight!  to coddle me!  i’m feeling like i need some coddling.  and perhaps chinese food.

coddling and chinese food.


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egg rolls, chicken fried rice — extra carrots, extra water chestnuts — and any kind of long slimy noodles in salty sauce: now that’s good eatin.

noodles and coddling and chicken fried rice. oh my.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

oh no! i’m allergic to carrots! hold the carrots!
but love the lo-mein noodles!

but no…she brought home made soup, which was really yummy.

Comment by goodbear

Good for your mom to come over! And those scrambled eggs are perfect.
Wait… you’re allergic to carrots??

Comment by lavenderbay

Coddling and Chinese food sound like a fab combo.

Happy New Year to you and your pups.

Comment by S. Le

Mmmm, coddling and Chinese … Glad the chiropractic helped Cody Bear feel better. Tucker always seems to feel better after his adjustments.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

The eggs look really good.

Comment by Preston Surface

My dogs love eggs so much. Sorry about baby CB. 😦
Have fun with your Mom! Yummy—Chinese food!!!
And coddling, that’s the best.

Comment by Gina

Well here’s to hoping you have some great coddling and that with the New Year CB finds himself healthier than ever and Pickles leaves all the other pups in the dust!

Comment by forkboy

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