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where does she keep her credit card?
January 2, 2009, 9:33 pm
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it’s hard being a border collie when your mom is illin’.  so what did pickles do today?


she was spirited away by my good friends a.h. and r.  they picked up the young lass and took her to the park for a long trek.  then, they took her shopping.  at bed, bath and beyond.  (they allow dogs)  apparently the newlyweds need some juicers.  pickles was alledgedly cuddled by an employee and was reportedly a “good girl.”


i should have sent her with my 20% coupon and a twenty to buy a air tight container i need to keep finch food in.  television for the cat.

they said they would take the bear, too, but he’s on the injured reserve list.

thanks a.h. and r.  and thanks for bringing me lunch!


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Pickles at a bath shop? Your little girl is growing up!

Comment by lavenderbay

i know! she came home with spa booties, a memory foam pillow and an aromatherapy kit.

such a little lady…

Comment by goodbear

Wait wait wait … your Bed Bath and Beyond allows dogs???

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

yes. yours probably does, too. i think they all do.

Comment by goodbear

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