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bend to my will, or…rub my belly…whichever…
January 3, 2009, 6:41 am
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having gone to the vet with cody bear, pickles needed some alone time, as well.  so i packed her in the civic and we headed to the video store.


she’s becoming a regular there!  in the past 5 days she and i have picked up a veritable potpourri of vids.  hellboy 1, the mummy . . . trois, hellboy deux, fool’s gold, and idiocracy.

tonight was fool’s gold and i have no effin’ clue why.  i can’t stannnnd matthew mcconahuh and kate hudson.  but…after cb’s vet appointment, i needed mindless fluff.  i laughed alot, in a stupid, doped-to-keep-me-from-setting-myself-on-fire sort of way.

of all the flicks, the best so far was hellboy deux, though we haven’t viewed idiocracy yet. i’m sure it will be riveting!

i think, given my recent bout with an illness, i’m totally pro whacky-super-powers.  i have a craving to watch mutant movies and the like.

if the dogs had super powers…

pickles would have border collie mind control, able to bend people to her will.

and cody bear would have the ability to make anyone feel loved and welcome.

what is your super power?


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Hi Goodbear,

Thought of you today because there are so many roaming dogs in the small Chilean port town we are in. The moment we left the hostel a happy mutt ran along by our side. It´s uncanny how used to handouts these guys are. Two dogs followed us on our walk for about an hour. They were adorable. They could belong to someone and be used to the begging life.

Hope you are feeling better! I love video marathons.

If I could choose a super power, I´d have the power of healing hands. I know that´s kind of boring.

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

that’s a good one, actually. cody bear loves to be snuggled, and he could sure use healing hands. you two would make a good match!

Comment by goodbear

I would manipulate time, I think.

Comment by S. Le

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