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i’m shooting for 30% of the list….
January 4, 2009, 4:45 pm
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first day back to work tomorrow since 12/24.  that shouldn’t be too hard.

so lotsa lotsa things to do today.  over at mtp they have a list. that’s a good idea.  i haven’t got the order down yet, but there is a splat next the big guys.

* walk dogs – check

* finish website for client – almost done, but won’t get to bed by ten because of it

grocery store – check

laundry – check

* pay bills – no. crap!

invoice 2 clients

walk dogs again – it’s storming anyway

enter bee photos in photo contest

do dishes – check

* take some pictures

* must be in bed by 10 pm. -grrr.

how’s that for an intriguing day!?

i personally think i’m being too ambitious.

i rearranged my living room friday. went to target yesterday.  and now i think i’m going to finish all of this today?  where’s my starbucks gift card?


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Good luck with your mission. This list will self destruct when you become frustrated by lack of energy and ambition.

Comment by S. Le

Oh, was that your gift card? Sorry …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I like the being in bed by 10 pm part. Dishes can wait till tomorrow.

Comment by lavenderbay

you rearranged your living room too? it took me all weekend.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

oh, there’s no way i’m going to make the 10 pm deadline. i’m only 2/3 done with web project.

it only took half a day to do my living room, so it must be much smaller than yours.

Comment by goodbear

haha! this sounds like my schedule except add five more dogs to walk. EEK!

Comment by mutts & such

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