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ending the day with a game of toss the squeaky lamb…
January 6, 2009, 5:13 am
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tired from my first day back at work but i did want to throw a post up before bed. 

so, busy at work….busy  busy.  came home for lunch and found a much cheerier cody bear.   he definitely was miserable on his prednizone.  after work i grabbed the dogs and took them to the park as soon as i got home.   we walked aroouunnnd the zoo.  they were trippin!  oh the smells, the smells.

then i made myself a tasty meal of…




sauteed collard greens and quinoa.  and ya know…it was yummy!

time to play with the puppy, then…good night.  


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Collards and quinoa: yummers!!!
Glad to hear Cody Bear is feeling better.

Comment by lavenderbay

Yeah, the smells from the zoo get to me as well. Not what you meant?

Nice to hear Cody Bear is feeling more chipper.

Comment by S. Le

Are you a veggie? I love greens.

Cooking question: do you soak your quinoa overnight to get rid of that dirty, gritty sensation when eating?

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

I love that last photo. The dogs are like, “Bedtime?”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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