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the griswold’s veterinary vacation…
January 7, 2009, 5:55 am
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uh ohhh…


looks like goodbear had a vet appointment tonight.

’twas the “collective” goodbear that went to the vet.


you see…at the last appointment, the vet was actually more worried about me than cody bear.  i was spastic. worried.  cody bear’s health issues were getting worse and i was histrionic.  tonight, i decided i couldn’t get hysterical if pickles was there.  who could be stressed when pickles is around.  just the name alone inspires whimsy.


and apparently, she was willing to comfort cody bear, as well.


“whose idea was it to bring this dog?”



i’m here for you.”

it actually did go well. pickles was fascinated by the doctor. she sat quietly next to me, transfixed on the veterinarian’s movements.  and what about cody bear?  he is officially in less pain! 

are we out of the woods? no.  when you have your vets mobile number and when she’s telling you her vacation schedule, you know your dog is on the doctor’s radar.  but, it looks like cody bear won’t have to have surgery!


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No surgery? That’s a good thing. Hang in there, CB & GB!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

No surgery, whew!
You’re right, “Pickles” is a smiley name. I just came across a reference to a novel called The Persian Pickle Club and I couldn’t rest until I found out more about it.

Comment by lavenderbay

So glad CB is still ok, Pickles is such a great support for you both.

Comment by Con

No surgery! Huzzah!

Comment by S. Le

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