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things i learned on thursday…before i ate the noodles…
January 9, 2009, 6:47 am
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learned a bit today oh yes i did….


first, i unfortunately learned that peppermint toothpaste with baking soda burns if it gets in your eyes.

i learned that at work.

i also learned how to “flash” bios today.  it’s not nearly as fun as it sounds.

i learned that i start teaching my class THIS week,….not the third week of january!   (oh my)

enough with the learning.  i followed a long day of work with a lovely afternoon walk along the river with the dear, dear quadropeds.  the view was beautiful…


and again…the view was…beautiful?



i just came back from our brisk night time walk.   pickles and i are wiped out but cody bear is still amped up.  guess he’s feeling better.

oh, but the learning isn’t over.  i have just downloaded an intriguing, relaxing and educational podcast for sleepy time.  hurray me!

so, good night dearies.

oh…p.s. i made super sloppy fried noodles with stir fried pea pods and baby corns and other veg.  so yummy!  and hot, yo.  gotta add the red pepper sauce!


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Beautiful photos! Including the tails. Really.

Comment by lavenderbay

Nice photos.

The noodles sound scrummy.

Glad Cody Bear feels so much better.

How in bloody h*** did you get toothpaste in your eyes, and at work? Must know. Must explain!

Comment by S. Le

Oh, toothpaste in the eye is awful!! I experienced that once. It burned for a LONG time.

I love the tails. Alex’s fluff tail is so pathetic.

Comment by Elizabeth

What’s that, a combo parallel/serial port card? Snort snort snort! (PROPELLER BEANIE SPINNING)

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

“Snort snort snort! (PROPELLER BEANIE SPINNING)”
you are so flippin’ funny james. i swear!

why yes it is. a pci card. it is actually dual serial port as well, you just can see the additional 9-pin header affixed to the back!
(sips energy drink, hits “scan now”)

Comment by goodbear

Everyone knows flashing bios leads to sloppy noodles. 😉

Comment by Nigel, Sola & Co.

pretty eyes, goodbear.

and i’m curious, what was the podcast?

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

thanks mtp, that’s really sweet!

the podcast was meditation station, and it must have been relaxing because….i don’t remember it at all. i wouldn’t try meditation oasis or relaxation audio. the sound quality is so bad it stresses me out!

i don’t usually need help getting to sleep, but i used to years ago. serious help. now…i sleep so well i could compete in sleeping if it were a sport. but i trained for years to get this good.

Comment by goodbear

If only competitive sleeping were a sport. How does one go about petitioning the Olympic Committee?

Comment by Dave & Hannah

the photos are great. I love taking long walks near sunset.

Comment by tam

love the third photo. pickles and cody bear really go along well. my dogs would go for the other’s throat during walks and drag each other in opposite directions. ugh! but i love them nonetheless. 🙂

Comment by jane

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