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“bark! we thought we were going to see ronaldinho!”
January 10, 2009, 7:33 pm
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i knew the very second my eyelids opened that it was going to be a beautiful morning.  it was 7:33 and both dogs were awake, but laying quietly, waiting for me.  i told them both they could pop up on the bed so they snuggled up tightly and we spooned with the cat for another half hour.

we can’t sleep late in this house….or cody bear will throw up.

moving on…

here are scenes from our trip to the futball park:


i just think my dogs are such pretty kiddos. and they’re so good!

hey!  let’s focus, you two.


birds and dogs to the right.  kids playing to the left.

(read here to learn how super star ronaldinho practiced playing soccer with his dog when he was little.  and apparently…he still plays soccer with his dogs)

ooh, look at this pristine field.  the sign specifically said no pets allowed.


cody bear and pickles would have loved to romp over the perfect field. and picky would have been in heaven chasing the birds, but we’re rule followers in this family.


some sort of youth soccer event was just beginning to gather.  my dogs love kids.  no idea where that comes from.

ok, so let’s review:

it was a good morning.  dogs had fun. sun was shining.  i was going to get the car emissions tested, but feared i might fail and that would ruin the day. i have moved it to monday, which will probably suck anyway.

i shall continue the laundry, sweeping and dishes i have already started, then work a little, then off to the vinyard for a wine tasting event.

hope all-a-y’all are having as pleasant of a saturday!



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What a great day to spend with the dogs! Its 35 and rain/light fog here at the moment. Waaah. I wish I was back in Florida. Have a great weekend.

Comment by twobarkingdogs

Cold enough to have prickly legs here. Envying your patch of sunshine. Glad to hear you’re having a good Saturday after your family’s run of yucky health.

Comment by lavenderbay

it actually was cold. it looks warm, but no. mutant winter grass. . .

Comment by goodbear

Now that’s a good Saturday.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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