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January 11, 2009, 6:12 pm
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i have to work today.  my first day back teaching the pet therapy certification course.  what made me decide to sally forward and work at the humane society again?  i . . . need cash. 

i told them i would teach one last session, so this afternoon i will shuffle across the pea gravel drive, hop into the honda, clear my throat and head off to work.  plus,  i actually love the program because it gives the therapy teams a way to prove that animals are a healing part of the community.  if you can see a dog giving hope to someone stuck in a hosptial bed, you wonder how people can just treat them like property and leave them to age in the back yard.

after work, i have…more work. another website to finish.  but first a trip to the organic grocery.  i’ll wait in line with some yuppie hippies as well as some actual folks with dreads. i need new toothpaste. i HATE this crest total care stuff.  it makes food taste funny for hours after i brush. 

back to why i  need the money. i still have to pay off one of my cameras, my telephoto and the 580 ex.  also, registration for the car is due this week.  plus, mtp has been hinting on his blog that he wants to go to the NKOTB concert, so i may chip in to buy him concert tickets.  i know how much he really wants to go.

pea gravel
pea gravel

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Wait … yuppie hippies?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

sweetness! you’re gonna help me get tickets? how thoughtful …

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

Sandals… she’s wearing sandals.
Wow, being paid for helping dogs become even nicer than they already are. Too bad admin work gives more money.

Comment by lavenderbay

flip flops are in your distant future!
the teaching has little to do with the dogs in this class. it’s mostly teaching the people about active listening skills, stress in dogs, how to do visits, stuff like that. the dogs don’t come to class. just initial testing and then the final exam for certification.
best part…i get to take cody bear to work with me!!!

Comment by goodbear

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