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do i need it? will it enrich my life?
January 12, 2009, 3:43 pm
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do i need a facebook account?

any comments?  do you have a facebook i should see?


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I am obsessed with my facebook page and it is much easier than a blog to keep up with. Please do it so I will have you as a friend on there.
I am Gina Rampy on there.
S. Le. is on there and very anonymous as with his blog. 😉
James never writes on his.
Tony has one some days and not others (same as his blog).

Comment by Gina

Keep meaning to tell you, I love your header.

Comment by Gina

I like the blog. It’s like your own personal facebook.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Yes.. you need a facebook account!!! i love mine, Join the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by tashie

I’ve been avoiding the craze as well. I’ve been wondering how it is different than Twitter, which I have also been avoiding. 😛

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

I love facebook, I check it everyday. But that is also a good reason NOT to get facebook, because you will waste a lot of time stalking your current friends, past friends and aquaintances.

Comment by Summer

There are ‘way too many people in my past that I would just as soon not know where I am and what I’m doing now, so I’ll never get involved with Facebook.
If you do decide to give up blogging, please lemme know, so I can go buy some more cotton handkerchiefs.

Comment by lavenderbay

It’s true, I never write on mine, but I do respond to Friend requests. 😉

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Ummm… I created a Myspace account because I gave into peer pressure. How often do I check it? Like once every two months. I would vote no for Facebook.

Comment by Marcella

I am on facebook, or Daisy is. If you decide let us know and you can be our friend!

Comment by daisydog

Facebooks are addicting. You should get one.

But this means nothing coming from the keyboard of a 14 year old who is not doing her homework.

Comment by Unknown

unknown…i’ll feel terrible if your leaving a post on my blog makes you fail a quiz or something!

Comment by goodbear

… it won’t. Even so, I would fail the quiz anyway.
Most definitely. You should ask mtp. The only thing I’m missing out on is miserable homework! Woo hoo!

Comment by Unknown

well,…anyway…i did it. i went ahead and got a facebook page.

now…to make facebookie type friends…

Comment by goodbear

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