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“sparky wants nothing to do with it…”
January 13, 2009, 5:21 am
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– what my boss said when i asked him about the elevated doggie bed in the back of the company silverado. “it’s yours if you want it for your dogs.” (pickles loves it)


so this is a blog of quotes…

“after this…i have to put the 750 in the 24 hundred.”  – that was me, talking to coworker. fyi, iomega has stopped making 250MB zip drives and the 750s…they’re not compatible with everything.  not that anyone cares.  who uses these besides our nutty clients???

“screw facebook” – that was my best friend.  he and his wife don’t want to have to log in to learn what i’m up to and leave comments.

“i have a problem…”  – here’s where the coworker told me our drive with uber-important drive images had died and he hadn’t backed it up lately. oh dear.

“oh give me a break!”   – that was me again.  i try not to say anything bad about people on my blog. and while i’ve kept kind of quiet about politics, face to face friends know i really don’t like dubya.  he’s a dumb dumb. but this morning’s press interview was ridiculous.   please, media folk, stop asking him what his mistakes were.  you know what they were, i know what they were, he knows what they were.   leave it.   i don’t like him as a pres, but, let him go on.  i don’t want to hear it anymore.  i want news of the future, i don’t want to hear how he effed up.

“I think media should be abolished from, you know, reporting,”  – joe the plumber.  huh?  whuh?  why is this guy in the news?

“really? i thought you were 28.”  – that was our fed ex delivery guy.  it was definitely a good idea to give him a christmas gift this year!


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Do people really still use Zip drives? I thought they died like a decade ago.

And did Joe the Plumber really say that? Could he be a bigger moron?

Comment by Laura

laura, he said that. i found it on the cnn political ticker yesterday.

Comment by goodbear

I think the media should be abolished from, you know, talking to Joe the Plumber.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

brilliant idea!

Comment by goodbear

Looks like a Coolaroo bed! We just got one for Christmas and love it!!!!

– Pruett and Daphne

Comment by Pruett&Daphne

“I have a problem” will rank among the top ten of 2009, I’m sure of it.

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] to the hospital.  and after the hospital, i returned home, curled up on pickles’ outdoor doggie bed and stared up at a tree.   something sad is […]

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