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and so yes, i guess today has been a good day so far…
January 15, 2009, 10:52 pm
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first of all….it’s hot here people.  it has risen 35 degrees since i woke up.  sheesh.

hot-todaynext big news: i started my facebook page.  it’s searchable by email if you’re already on facebook.  i think this will help me keep in better touch with my friends that have moved and have kids. they just don’t have time to sit and chat, but commenting seems do-able.

next, my benevolent coworker took me out for vietnamese food for lunch today! it was SO delicious.  i hadn’t been to this place before.  better than my place, i’ll tell you what!

ok, back to work.


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Mmmm, Vietnamese. Seafood in a clay pot. Why is everyone tempting me with Asian food tonight?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

It’s missing the accents, but “Toi an chay” is how to say “I’m vegetarian” in Vietnamese (literally, it’s “I eat vegetarian” ) . “Toi” rhymes with “Zoey”, “an” almost sounds like “ang”, and “chay” is ch- like “chat”, followed by -i- like “like” (as opposed to the i in “line”) . There ya go!

Comment by lavenderbay

And I’m loving you being on FB.

Comment by Gina

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