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sort of a grim way to wake up, actually…
January 16, 2009, 2:25 pm
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less then a minute before my alarm clock went off this morning, there was a loud and savage yipping coming from outside my bedroom window.  seconds after the yipping began, the howling of  a successful coyote kill started.  it sounded like at least 4 coyotes, maybe more, had killed one of those feral cats i’m always complaining about.

my heart was pounding and the dogs were freaked.  my cat, an hour later, is still cautiously padding around the house, peeking out windows.  i think she knows what happened.

every morning the first order of business is letting the dogs out to take care of dog business.  i couldn’t do it.  i waited till after some of the traffic:  workers, walkers, the kids at the bus stop in front of my house.  after the bus left, i decided it was safe.

they can easily jump my fence to get to pickles. i doubt they would mess with cody bear, but he might jump the fence and go after them if he saw them.  i don’t know.  most of the time, if he smells that they have been in the yard, my big bear acts all scared and won’t leave the back patio!

codynow i’m running late because i stayed in bed an extra half hour!  i COULD have gotten up, but i needed to snuggle and comfort my doggies!

i need to get moving: i’m picking up bagels for work this morning!


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Comment by Gina

What a horrible way to wake up! EEK!

Comment by canyoncritter

OOoohh. Scary!

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

Feral cats…we have a couple around here. I think they are males. One thing’s for sure…they’re mean!

Great pic, he’s so cute.

Comment by tam

[…] buzz tam on sort of a grim way to wake up,…stilllifeinbuenosair… on sort of a grim way to wake up,…M. Tornado Puppy on why are we […]

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Good thing you’re bringing the breakfast; they’ll forgive you more easily if you’re late.
One of my brother’s Jack Russels was nabbed by a coyote while they were all out for their morning walk on his hobby farm property. Not nice. Your furchildren are wise to be wary.

Comment by lavenderbay

Coyote yipping is eerie, that’s for sure. Our fence is too high for them to jump, fortunately, but they go by pretty frequently. Sometimes Trixie likes to flirt through the fence with the boy coyotes but usually she and the other dogs just go nuts. Either way we have to hustle them into the house when a pack goes through.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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