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why are we here? should we be wagging?
January 16, 2009, 5:38 am
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tonight we discuss the dogs, work, the meaning of life…


first: work.  now…i’m not just saying this because my coworker bought me lunch today.  or because he acted appropriately freaked out when he found out how old i really was.  i’m saying this because i mean it:  this is the first time in about a year where i have actually liked EVERYONE in my office.

you see, here’s what i never told you folk:  after n. left we got a chauvinist, lazy, mean, stupid tech.  and he was nice when the boss was around, then a beast when the boss left.  then we got a hyperbolic dude who was sniffing canned air on the clock.  one day i actually found him passed out on his back with a can of air in his hand.  when he finally responded to my yelling….he claimed he had twisted his ankle and was not, in fact, unconscious.

i’m really afraid this new guy will get irritated with the work load and quit.

moving on to the dogs….i’m having friends over this weekend, so cody bear and i went to the liquor store.  there is a shop about 3/4 mile from here that lets you bring your dog in!  you go in and you can pick a mixture of beers.  tonight i just got a six pack of fat tire.  everyone should like that.

cb also visited rebecca’s shop; got some lovin’.  then pickles went to basic obedience where she already knows everything, but had fun anyway.  her friend maggie is in the class.

and now….the meaning of life.  i don’t get it.  why am i here? where am i supposed to be?  why should i be where i’m supposed to be? how will i know when i am in the right place…doing the right thing.  (dear god, if rousseau and descartes had a psychotic child, would i be cheating off him in class?)

seriously, what’s it all about?


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If “high” is the description of your workplace morale and not your co-workers, then hopefully the new guy will be encouraged to stick around. Good luck!

Comment by lavenderbay

It’s okay to go to class even when you know everything they’re teaching — I do it every Wednesday at the “basics” class at the studio.

Sniffing canned air? Seriously? Sounds like that coworker would’ve been happier working in a paint store.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

1. great picture: it works metaphorically for each of your topics.
2. only six fat tires?
3. “dear god, if rousseau and descartes had a psychotic child, would i be cheating off him in class?” that’s funny.
4. “seriously, what’s it all about?” it’s all about cool pictures and fat tires and dogs, oh my.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

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