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the puppies have arrived at la casa de buzzy!
January 18, 2009, 6:38 am
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meet a.h. and r.’s new foster litter of lab mixes!

fosters41they named the yellow male marley, the yellow female marlene.  but what about the black and tan? guinness, naturally. (snake bite was a male’s name)  but what about the black one.  i said, “how about someone from our blog rolls?” and a.h. blurted “GINA!”  we dig gina, so ….a foster puppy was named after her!

fosters3we all kind of love gina the most.  she reminds them of rosey.  and…i just think she’s sassy!

a.h. and ruben have 4 adult dogs, one a 1 year old pittbull in pickles’ class!  the dogs do well with the puppies, especially maggie and barney, the st. bernard mix.

fostersbarneyand while all this cuteness was going on, we watched a netflix of “dog town.” ( now i really want cable)  the one with the michael vick dogs.  that’ guy is a chump and a sucka, by the way.

fostersbarney2it was good to spend time with dog people.

fosteroh….and…r made some pretty scrumptious stir fry!



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The puppies are very cute. Gina is a lovely name for such a sweet little dog. Blogger Gina will be flattered, I’m sure.

The stir fry looks scrummy!

Comment by S. Le

Awwwww lookit the eensy puppy going nom nom nom on the fingers!!! (Puppies reduce me to spouting gibberish sometimes …)

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Those dogs. Are adorable.

Makes me want another one!

Puppies are just the best!

Comment by Unknown

awwww. such cute and adorable puppies. 🙂 i’ve always wanted a lab but we don’t have a really big place/yard for it to be happy.

Comment by jane

I love the name Snake Bite. A good name for the black one could be Black Top or Tarmak.

Comment by Preston Surface

A puppy named Gina! That’s wonderful.
Those photos of Barney with the pups speak volumes of tenderness.

Comment by lavenderbay

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