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whiptails for avoidance
January 18, 2009, 1:07 am
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ive not come close to finishing everything that needs to be done on a saturday, but…

the kiddos did get a nice little adventure:


and cody bear found a whiptail!


cb was so cute: he just froze, nose about 12 inches from the whiptail, and lifted his paw like a pointer.  i said “leave it” and he popped back over to me.  so glad it wasn’t a rattler.  pickles and cody bear take rattlesnake avoidance class this spring!  it’s supposed to be very intense.

after our trek i went to the hospital.  and after the hospital, i returned home, curled up on pickles’ outdoor doggie bed and stared up at a tree.   something sad is happening.



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The lizard is cool.

What is happening?

Comment by S. Le

Sad isn’t good. 😦

Tucker and Trixie have been through rattlesnake avoidance twice. The second time, they definitely remembered that rattlers are Things To Be Avoided. I don’t think we’ll take Dennis to the training as he is probably too soft for it.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

thanks for letting us know about rattlesnake avoidance classes, aunt goodbear. i encountered a rattler on the trail last year. i went up to say hello and scared it pretty badly. dad yanked me back before anything happened, so it looks like we’re headed to class.

and {{{hugs}}} from principesa and me

Comment by tex

Woo! I hope whatever’s going on blows over soon. Hang in there!

Comment by lavenderbay

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