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anyone want to trade weather?
January 20, 2009, 8:09 pm
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went home for lunch.  it was 80 degrees.  i think we have had 5 days of winter so far.

pickles enjoys resting in the sun.

lunch-pickyit is always so hard going back to work after lunch.

when i got home for lunch, cody bear didn’t greet me at the door like he always does. this means one of two things:  either he did something bad, or he does’t feel well.

perhaps he doesn’t feel well because he did something bad?

maybe i should hire a home health care worker for him?  i took him to dog day care a couple times in the past.  he didn’t enjoy it.  all he did was follow the people around.    he’s the diva and pickles is the tom boy!


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80 degrees! It’s 15 here!!

Comment by S. Le

i’ll trade!

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

and please don’t think i’m complaining. i love the winters here, and i know snow and ice are tough. it’s just…well….having a few more cold days and a fair amount of sweater weather…well….it makes a girl appreciate what she’s got.

Comment by goodbear

I miss the snow. I’d give anything for a snowy day right now. I know a lot of Midwesterners would kick me for saying that.

Comment by Still Life in South America

OH MY G-D!!! I will trade!!!! I can have my bag packed in the next five minutes!!! This morning it was -12 degrees when I left for work. Your nose hurts when you breath-in!!!!

Comment by pennycat

Pickles isn’t resting….she’s about to pass out from the heat!

Comment by forkboy

We had a few weeks of chilly weather but then the Santa Anas kicked in and it’s been in the mid to upper 70s along the coast. My parents back in New York have stopped asking what the weather is like here …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Yes, please.

Comment by lavenderbay

In Memphis, it is 18 one day and 50 the next. I want to trade.

Comment by Gina

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