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pairings: puffed rice and a krispy, heady vintage…dogs for the mood.
January 20, 2009, 5:20 am
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bristlingi’m bristling. i am.  irritable and disappointed.  and you know what i always do when i am grouchy, right?

i look at pictures of my dogs:

thebearwatchesfeeeeeling betttterrrrrr.  what else have i got?

headshotpicklesyes, i’m definitely feeling cheerier…

plays-with-rocthat should do it!

tonight buzzy came over to work on her thesis while i worked on my web project.  i stopped and got her some rice krispy treats and a bottle of red wine.  i know what you’re thinking…

“now hold on good bear!  rice krispy treats are best served with white wine!”

i know, i know.  but we’re red girls.

i feel better after blogging.  thanks for stopping by.


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Anytime, Goodbear! (And writing this at 01 30, I guess I must mean that. ) Hope you’re feeling less irritable soon.
If Buzzy and you were both grouchy at the same time, would you be a prickly pair?

Comment by lavenderbay

why are you still up at this hour!!!???

Comment by goodbear

Hey, there! I fell asleep in bed at a proper hour, but woke up with crampy legs. I decided to creep downstairs and have a herbal tea.

Comment by lavenderbay

Say hello to beegirl for us!

Comment by forkboy

I like Rice Krispy treats with milk, but milk doesn’t have the same relaxing effect as wine. I wonder how they would be with a Toasted Almond instead …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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