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did you hear me…when i said good bye?
January 21, 2009, 6:02 am
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a serious post, hence, ….the serious cody bear face:

cb-thinking-hardso, yes, i have been a little maudlin lately. and, sure, i’ve been  questioning why we’re here, what’s the point.   sensitive bloggers and online friends  have noted the change in tone at cody bear’s friends. (you know who you are!)

i won’t lie, much of today’s emotion was happy tears: saying good bye to dubya and hello to a president who somehow manages to say things that make me feel like he understands what is pissing me off in the world today.

but the remainder of the tears?

my friend is dying.  she’s been fighting it for years.  it’s not my story to tell, but i must mention a couple things.

she is my friend because she is loving, and thoughtful and has never backed down from showing how deeply she feels.

she is the biggest fan of my dog, cody bear.  she thinks he’s beautiful.  when he runs.   when he’s doing tricks. when he’s resting. and he, in turn, has connected with her from day one.  resting by her side, protectively.  freezing if his paw touches her oxygen line.  backing up safely without yanking her line.  and she, noticing, being so proud of him for his sensitivity.

my best friend’s wife.  he has never left her side and has cared for her without looking away to a life without i.v. lines and years in hospital.

the doctor.  who never lost her ability to diagnose ailments even years after being unable to practice medicine because of her illness.

a friend who understood what is important to me, and never ever questioned how whacky those things are.  who welcomed those whacky notions.

a gift to everyone who knew her.

and now we just wait.  i watch as her family is torn between wanting her to stay and understanding her right to slide away from a life of pain and struggle.

and everytime my phone rings, my nose starts running and my feet go numb before i even know who it is.


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My heart goes out to you,lynn,dave and the family.
if you need to cry, i am here for you to cry on. if you need a hug, my arms are always open to you. i believe you and lynn were gifts to each other. you had a beautiful person that has made an impact on your life and lynn has a friend that will never let her be forgotten. this is why she (and all of us) loves you and why you love her.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

I suspected something like this was going on. We’ve been in this situation with several very close relatives and it’s just about the toughest thing in the world.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Your post made me cry. I’m so sorry. Of course I knew something was terribly wrong.
Our sweet Cody Bear is such a wonderful, sensitive baby boy.

Comment by Gina

thanks you guys. thanks for understanding and taking the time to pop in.

Comment by goodbear

You have seemed really bummed lately. I’m really sorry to hear the cause. I hope Cody Bear and Pickles are finding ways to make you smile occasionally.

Comment by Laura

Hi – I am so, so sorry to read that you are going through this. I just can’t imagine… Despite not being here every day like I’d like to be, I’m certainly keeping you in my thoughts. Anything you need from a perfect stranger, don’t hesitate to ask.

Comment by Elizabeth

My best thoughts to you. That is so hard to accept. You are a good friend to her.

Comment by S. Le

What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful friend! Thank you for sharing it. We’re all here for you, Goodbear.

Comment by lavenderbay

i’m sorry goodbear.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

I am so sorry sweetie… I was wondering how she was. I will be thinking about you

Comment by Jason

thanks for stopping by the blog. i wish you still lived here. i really, really do…

Comment by goodbear

hi everyone.
i am so thankful to have so many great people stop by to share kindness and care.

you’re all very special bloggers. we’re doing fine, hanging in there. and being thankful for friends.

Comment by goodbear

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