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picklebot and the yogurt bear
January 24, 2009, 6:25 am
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it’s funny that my 4.5 year old dog is living a life of retirement luxury and my 10 month old border collie is working her ass off.  first of all, since pickles is a border collie, she actually wants to work her ass off.  secondly, i’m hoping cody bear’s retirement is just temporary.  so … let’s examine their week, shall we?

the yogurt bear:

yogi1my sweet guy is only throwing up twice a month, and his injury seems to be doing better.  this dog LOVES school, but has taken all the obedience classes he can.  agility was really all that challenged him, but with his injury, he hasn’t been going.  i feel horrible about this, since he loves school so much and has to watch pickles leave for class all the time.

now, regarding the yogurt:  we’re down to only a couple nutritional supplements, plus the reglan. but food is so important.  one side dish at 2 of his 4 meals…yogurt.    but you have to add warm water to it because a dog with gastroparesis can’t digest cold food.  he sometimes splashes it onto his muzzle.  sweet guy with  a yogurt muzzle.

meanwhile, the picklebot:

picklebotwe have puppy agility on tuesday.  she’s doing great.  wednesdays we have basic obedience with buzzy’s pittbull, maggie; shoe from timbuktu, a nepalese street pup who was rescued by my friend who was a medical volunteer; bella the year old golden, mingo the dalmation mix, and buffy, the very shy beagle.

we felt like jerks (we meaing just me) because picky is farther ahead of everyone.  and yes, she ran through the exercises like a pro, not a ten month old puppy.  but, here is the deal: all the dogs did great!  she just knows more cues because i’ve been trying to keep her busy so she is entertained and not destructive.  now, cody bear’s doggie bed begs to differ.  but really, it is working a bit.  so no one should be all “pickles and goodbear are jerks” or “my dog is a dumb dumb.”  so what if it looks like  pickles is running through the exercises like a west german athlete during the time of black and white television.

if you were to look closely, she was really having fun.

and the other dogs may not know as many tricks as her…they are probably  more calm and less destructive.  dogs are like people, with strengths and weaknesses.  like her mother, her strengths are boundless charm and the ability to take direction. and like her mom, her weaknesses are being destructive when bored and slightly selfish.  no wonder we ended up together!

friday afternoon, me . . . tired. . . just tired, i came home and told the pets it was nap time.  for an hour or so the doglets wrestled on the bed while i pretended to sleep.  really, i just was loving the cuteness.

loving the cuteness all.


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If my dogs were in Pickles’s agility class, I might be jealous, but I wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with her behaviour. But we’ll never be in anyone’s agility class if the obed continues as slowly as it has. Must remember to look up classes in Saint John.
Sorry to hear that Cody is sitting things out. You and he both, eh? Feel better soon!

Comment by lavenderbay

Hmm, what sort of things do you destroy when you’re bored?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I’m glad that you give the dogs so much time to expend energy. I knew a family who bought a border collie and barely walked her. It’s a shame when people don’t understand the breed they are getting themselves into. I love that she “looks for work.” She seems like a total honey.

Then again, Cody Bear really looks like a honeybear. 😉

Comment by Still Life in South America

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