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her strangest kittiosyncracy to date…
January 26, 2009, 4:25 pm
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i have a cat.  many of you didn’t know i have a cat.  i rarely mention her because she doesn’t have the exciting life that the dogs have.  she has no social life, hiding when friends come over. and she sure as hell would never deign to purr for one of them or sit on their lap.  she never even sits on my lap.  she only purrs when she wants me to get out of bed and put food in her empty food bowl.

her name is spree.  she is twelve years old.  and last night she did the weirdest and most fascinating thing.

kittiosyncracymy best friend came over so we could write his wife’s obituary.  it’s something you shouldn’t do alone, if you can help it.  i was supposed to go over there, but cody bear was so sick. (different story)

so d.s sitting at com central. (com central is a cushy blue chair in my living room that is always within arm’s reach of my desktop pc, my lap top, two cell phones, my home phone and at least one digital camera)

all of a sudden, miss kittypants walks out into the living room.  pads by two sleeping dogs and parks it in front of him.  she looks up at him and starts purring.

excuse me?

then miss kittypants jumps up on his lap and starts snuggling and headbutting him and nuzzling him like he’s got herring snacks in his pocket and she hasn’t eaten in weeks.

all i could think was….”she knows!”

now, d. handles his stress and emotions well.  he’s stoic.  he’s calm.

he was just sitting there.  talking.  seemingly fine.  how did she know?


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They always know. It’s spooky.

My sympathies to your friend. He’s lucky to have your support.

Comment by S. Le

Sorry to hear about his wife. I remember you mentioning them when I was there. 😦

Comment by Marcella

They just know. It’s incredible.

(miss kittypants! ha!)

Comment by Elizabeth

They always know…amazing. Boo could be her daughter, minus the white.

Comment by Gina

Miss Kittypants? who the heck is Miss Kittypants? Is that some type of racist kitty title? Sounds like some type of sexist comment….”and in walked Miss Kittypants, her silky fur glimmered in the moonlight”

Comment by pennycat

Sure sounds like she knew something was up. Good for Spree, to be a comforting cat.

Comment by lavenderbay

A cat in the goodbear household. I would have never imagined.

Glad she was an extra good kitty today.

Comment by Still Life in South America

awww. that’s sweet, what a comforting cat. im sorry to hear (read it in your previous entry) about your best friend’s loss.

Comment by isakangdiyosa

My cat doesn’t become nice to me when I’m upset. Oh, I’m sure that she can sense it like your cat did with your friend. The difference is that my cat is evil and doesn’t care. 🙂

Comment by Drunkbunny

What a good kitty. I should send Trouble over to read this post.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

We never give cats enough credit. I think my cats are far more in-tune with what is going on inside my head and my feelings than are the dogs. They just want treats, to run, to be petted. They really don’t seem particularly interested in my state of mind.

The cats on the other hand…..

Comment by forkboy

forky, in my house we say, “on the other paw…”

Comment by goodbear

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