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thanks friends. let me know if i can cut something in thirds for you…
January 27, 2009, 5:40 am
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“do something for yourself.” or “do something that will be fun for you.”

friends at work were saying that today, after hearing my sad news.

“oh, i will!  i’m leaving work early to go to home depot.”

“that’s not really what we were thinking.”

“yeah, we were thinking  a massage or something.”

ratchetlet me explain:  i’m really enjoying doing agility with pickles.  i wish cody bear was feeling better so he could do it again, too.  but i’m getting really into it.  it’s’s fast.  i get so proud of my dogs seeing them learn and do well.

so i decided a few weeks ago i would amp it up at home. look into getting some jumps at home to go along with our weave poles.  i bought one at toys-r-us, and figured i could makes something like that!

so today i went and bought a 10 dollar pvc pipe cutter, some pipe and some pvc connectors. i made 2 jumps and i’m very proud of myself.

they’re not perfect, but…the dogs knew they were jumps.  and it only took me ten minutes to make two of them!  of course, it took me 20 minutes to find the right connectors!

ANY WAY YOU BLOG FRIENDS!  i want to thank you all for leaving such nice words and supportive comments on my recent posts.  it has meant so much, both knowing that you care enough to leave comforting words, and that you could tell that i have been sad lately just by reading the posts regularly.

…and for not giving up on us when we weren’t cheery all the time.

and by the way, i’m doing well.  so are d. and his sister-in-law.  so…thanks.


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Physical labour is an excellent way to shake off the blues — and you’ve got something to show for it afterwards.
PVC pipe and connectors! That’s brilliant! A backyard… someday.

Comment by lavenderbay

I love my PVC pipe cutter … it makes so much neater cuts than the way I used to do it, which was with a Sawzall.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Good on you! Well done!

Also good to hear you and your friends are feeling a bit brighter.

Now all we need is to have The Bear feel better and your life would be very good indeed!

Comment by S. Le

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