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January 28, 2009, 6:09 am
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mutts & such put me in a tag on her facebook 25RANDOMTHINGSABOUTME list.

so, i’ll do a list.  i’ve got some random things.

1. i wear my new balance to work.

2. house plants actually LIVE in my care, people!

3. i can type 55 wam.

4. in 7th grade i couldn’t spell “business” in the spelling bee.  and some jerk off named brian picked on me about it for the remainder of the school year.

5. you’ll all think less of me for this one:  i really want to go see the new mall cop movie.  none of my friends will go with me, i bet.  i can’t help it, i think that guy is funny!

6. i make yummy limeade!

7. i like bees.

8. during the last world cup ….i had a fantasy soccer team on yahoo. i got trounced.  i was obsessed with it.

9. i wear glasses and prescription sunglasses.

10. i hate raisins in salads.

11. i want a tempurpedic mattress.  badly badly want.

12. i love doing laundry.  especially folding warm towels out of the dryer.

13. i’m not ready for “the big switch” to digital.

14. i’m probably going to want to move someday…but i don’t know where.

15. i don’t wear earrings.

16. in 1995 i had a coworker run my dad’s ssn and find him for me.  months later, feverish and out of my mind, …i contacted him.

17. i just this second realized my point and shoot camera is missing.

18. when i was a kid…i wouldn’t eat macaroni and cheese because i thought it sounded disgusting when the cheese sauce was being mixed in.

19. i have been known to stash laundry in the trunk of my car if it is laying around and company is coming over!

20. i rent a quirky lil house with a big yard, many windows.

21. my best friend suggested we go to the renaissance fair after our cycling jester sighting,…but i told him it was lame.

22. i have a tv in the living room and one in the bedroom (bad feng shui, i know!) and both remote controls are broken.

23. i’m currently wearing a light blue hoody and a thread bare t-shirt.  fuzzy sweats and hiking socks…cuz it’s cold. damn cold.

24. i’m only as old as the cashier selling me beer thinks i am.

25. i have the feeling something really wonderful is going to happen this year!


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Your list was AWESOME. I am jealous of your house plants living. I don’t even own one. How the heck am I getting Oxygen. I love doing laundry too, but only with a good washer/dryer which I don’t have and I don’t stash it in my car.

thanks for linking me!

Comment by mutts & such

You are a fascinating person!

But… Mall Cop, really? 🙂

If you can’t afford a new mattress, I recommend one of the memory foam mattress toppers. Mine was the cheapest I could find, but I love it.

it’s been a rough year…already. i need some fluff.

Comment by Laura

Oh baby I could so add to this list!!! Hmmmm, didn’t like the sound of macaroni and cheese but as a child (3 yrs old) would eat sliced mushrooms out of the can!

penny cat…i’ll give you 3 pounds of salmon if you shut your mom up!

Comment by pennycat

I also had trouble spelling business when I was young. It is not that unusual. I also love the guy in mall cop. 😀

thanks gina. i can’t believe i screwed it up!

Comment by Gina

There was only one show on TV that I laughed at every single time it was on and it was King of Queens. Did you watch it? Hilarious.

Comment by Gina

Very quirky, ecclectic, mish-mash of stuff. I think I like you a lot!

thanks s. le. everything here is a mish mash.

Comment by S. Le

I promise not to put raisins in the salad if you promise not to put pineapple on the cottage cheese.

i vow NEVER to mix ANYTHING with cottage cheese. you hate it, as well as my sister. won’t touch the cottage cheese with any fruit.

Comment by lavenderbay

i found my point and shoot!
let blogging resume!!!!

Comment by goodbear

Great list! Don’t waste your money on Mall Cop, it’s terrible. I have a tempurpedic mattress and I love it to death. It saves me a lot of aches and pains.


thanks lindy. i’ll save the money, but…i’m sad it sucks. i needed some mindless comedy.

Comment by lindyloohoo

Aw, I like renaissance faires! Oh well, we can still be blogfriends. 🙂

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

dennis/james…you probably like GOOD ren faires. this one…in our town…not so good.

Comment by goodbear

I will go to the movie with you. Sign me up. I think it looks hilarious!

Comment by Elizabeth

Great list, Goodbear. I love doing laundry too. It smells good and feels comforting.

Back in college, I was in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Have you heard of it? They are the people who hold their own Renaissance Fairs and elect a queen and king, etc. I couldn’t take it very long, though. There were some weird dudes there.

Comment by Still Life in South America

still life, my ex-neighbor was an anachronist….and a hugger. her sister was, at one time, the queen. it was definitely an interesting organization!

Comment by goodbear

They take themselves seriously, but I guess I would too if I had a kingdom to rule. 😉

Comment by Still Life in South America

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