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wordless thursday – loki and spree – july 2004
January 29, 2009, 6:42 pm
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I have a dog and a cat also, and it is terribly difficult to get them both in the same photo! Cute!

Comment by Ginger


Comment by Marcella

Did they get along?

Comment by Still Life in South America

they loved each other. i actually got the cat for loki. she always seemed so smitten with cats. so i brought this kitten home and loki circled her a couple times and then laid down in protective spooning fashion. spree proceeded to ignore loki for two years. she only had eyes for my roommate’s cat. that cat was always playing with loki, too…till the kitten arrived.

after we moved out, spree and loki became great friends. she and cody bear do …ok…but i think spree loves having pickles around. there seems to be some sort of affection and playfulness going on. we’ll see where it goes…
she’s 12 years old and the puppy is only 10 months.

Comment by goodbear

and still….loki is the most beautiful dog to have ever set paw on this planet.

Comment by goodbear

She reminds me so much of my Millie.

Comment by mutts & such

So this is the dog who hid all those toys for Pickles to find?
And Spree appears to be a five-footed cat: “one, two, three, four, and the tail is a foot.”

Comment by lavenderbay

so cute.

Comment by saint3

Loki is very cute.

Comment by S. Le

yes lavenderbay. that’s the one. she was the most amazing dog in the world. this picture was taken about one month before she passed away.

she was the dog of my heart…

Comment by goodbear

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