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these people? i love them.
January 31, 2009, 3:12 am
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i have some friends.

some friends who are always there when i need them, even though i don’t know i need them.  they somehow know how and when to offer love and support.

today i went to a memorial for one of those friends.  a beautiful, compassionate, intellegent friend.  the wife of my best friend who is always there for me.  as if knowing these two people wasn’t gift enough, i had four other friends who knew…before i did…that i shouldn’t be alone today at the memorial service.

d., a., buzzy and r.  they offered to come to the service for me and my pal, to support and love.  they gave me heaps of love today. heaps.

i couldn’t have made it through the first part of the day without them.  but THEN, more….

me: hello? (into cell phone)

buzzy: what are you doing?

me: limping:

buzzy: what are you doing in 30 minutes?

me:  blogging?

buzzy and r wanted to take me to see a fluffy movie. mall cop (despite lindyloo’s warning!)

they knew i needed silly before i knew i did.

here’s a snap of us before the flick:

us-being-usthey’re pretty understanding about my cameraddiction!

saying good bye to lynn was hard.  i love her.  i love all my friends.  now…if these two could just find a way to adopt me before they move in august…

my wish for you dear bloggers:  that you know people as special as the folks i know.  but reading your comments and your blog posts…i’m pretty sure special loving friends have found you all.

p.s.  yes…it was very sunny today!


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thank you d. a, and buzzy and r. for takin care of my baby sister. I wish I could have been there.

Comment by PennyCat

Maybe that’s why I was going around humming Kenny Rogers’s “Love Lifted Me” yesterday, although it took me a while to identify the tune. I’m so glad your friends were there for you.

Comment by lavenderbay

It’s so good to have nice people all around. Looks like yours fit that description.

Comment by S. Le

Were you still smiling like that AFTER the movie? If so, perhaps we’ll go see it!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

smiles and waves, just catching up on your blog.


Comment by simplycara

I love you to goodbear

Comment by buzzybeegirl

Glad you have good friends who nurture and cherish you. I hope your next week is sunnier.

Comment by Still Life in South America

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