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hungry honeybees bring it to the bushes
February 28, 2009, 4:37 pm
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honey bees….lots of  ’em…


this was yesterday at lunch.  only one of my 20 creosote bushes is blossoming already.  scads of bees were working it over.



no dennis…those aren’t mini-tennis balls or a 3 foot bee. that is a creosote bud.


see that guy looking at me?  he’s like, “you knowwww.  me and my friends could kill you.”  but i kept going. snippity snap.


must…not…lose ipod…..againnnn
February 28, 2009, 3:54 pm
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big plans for today!

frolic with the dogs in the morning. done

i actually have a job today!  good thing, too, as rent is due tomorrow and it kills the paycheck. done

then i have to go to the department store to buy some essentials.  the everyday clothes and staples that wear out after time. done…but unsucessful

clean kitchen. done

finish last website i will ever have to do. (hurray!)

rearrange living room furniture.

straighten up back yard. done

make a cd of photos for dog training center.

pack away winter clothes.

take dogs to a new trail.  i’m getting sick of our usual places.

oops, forgot to add these:

take bike to repair shop done

clean off desk

do laundry done

and the biggest, biggest chore…figuring out how to never lose this nano again.  you know where i found it?  in a bag of cody bear’s old meds.   and it is just so small.

ipodi can’t lose this again.

mutable and puzzling, we’ve not met yet.
February 28, 2009, 5:36 am
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there are many place here on our mutable and puzzling planet that  i want to visit.  and while i’ve already listed the countries i want to see, there are plenty of u.s.  hot spots i want to visit that i have not seen yet .

yosemite (i swear tori, i’ m going to come see you some day!)


appalachian trail

best friends – utah(not just to work, but to see muttsnsuch!)

great smoky mountains

channel islands (already have a guest bed!!!!)

denali (duhh)

the smithsonian and national gallery


a comfortable place to rest(i have no idea where this is….)

home(i also have no idea…)

actually…there are many more…but i want to find home first.


kung fu bear!!!
February 28, 2009, 12:38 am
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this is cody bear’s most frequently requested trick.  unfortunately, it doesn’t seem too spectacular because i had to film it myself, and without two hands i was just confusing the poor little guy.

but you get the idea:

it usually goes much faster.  plus we usually do it to the mortal kombat song. JUST KIDDING!  but seriously, it does look better when he’s where his gi.  JUST KIDDING AGAIN!  my dog doesn’t have a gi…

that would be weird.

front door. someone’s buzzing.
February 27, 2009, 4:13 am
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after work today i grabbed the camera and walked out the front door to take some bird shots, but was dive bombed by this guy:

carpenter bee knocking

carpenter bee knocking

he really wanted in, even with the dogs barking at him!

carpenter bee on sedum flower

carpenter bee on sedum flower

the carpenter bee would get pissed at my flash and circle me, then head back to the blooms.

soon after buzzy bee girl showed up and we rode our bikes to our friends birthday party.  thank god they had food there, as i had skipped lunch today. by the time we rolled up to our friend’s house i was famished.

buzz3cool plant, eh?

February 26, 2009, 9:10 pm
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i lost my ipod….again.

irritating voice?
February 26, 2009, 6:52 am
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oh….o.k. here’s a random fact: i have an irritating voice.  and you know what?  i don’t care if it’s irritating.

cuz….the dog is cute, and she doesn’t seem to mind:

seriously, i’m feeling SOOOO misanthropic tonight.  in fact….PLEASE . . . DO  NOT LEAVE A COMMENT.  my aggravated self will only scorn you.  (just kidding!  how could anyone be peeved looking at that puppy smile?)

but…to cheer me up…here’s another video of pickles!

cute, eh?  in case you’re new here, that’s my 10 month old border collie, pickles.  she is very lovable, and not at all irritating.

ok…go ahead and leave a comment. i promise not to scorn you.  but i’m still grouchy, damn it!

night night

and the crowd went willllllddd!
February 25, 2009, 2:24 pm
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oh dear, pickles missed cody bear sooo much last night.  i have been aware that pickles barks incessantly whenever i leave with cody.  my neighbor has made it clear.  about 20 minutes after i left with the bear last night, we drove by the house.  pulled up a house away, creeped up with windows down.

no barking.  2 hours after leaving we returned.  we creeped up, windows down.

no barking!

but he certainly was missed

agret1it was a ten minute love fest.

kiss kiss kiss.  she was practically jamming her head in his mouth.

agret2wait no, she actually was jamming her face in his mouth.  he finally had to put his paw down. “stop making such a scene!”

agretpick“oh! you’re back too mom!  hello…”

where were cody bear and i all night?  it was his triumphant return to agility!  last week the vet cleared him to try it again.  she said that physically he was tip top!  but we should try it once and if he didn’t do well, don’t do it anymore.  she said he might not enjoy it like he used to, or might not want to compete with pickles.

well, he did really well.

what a coincidence that both cody bear and tiger woods are making a return to sports this week!  i wonder if it will turn out as well for tiger…

i got hit with some honest scrap.
February 25, 2009, 6:06 am
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having been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers and blog friends, lavenderbay, i will now list my 10 “HONEST SCRAP” list.

honest-scrap-awardfast and furious, the list goes as follows:

1. in 1995 i discussed literature with the current mayor of sacramento after a devastating play-off game!  (want to know more?)

2. every year a buy a day planner, and by february…i’ve already stopped using it.

3. i wear jeans to work everyday.

4. i spent 87 dollars on dog food today.

5. i eat green vitamins.  regular vitamins upset my stomach…since i’m such a delicate flower, and all.

6. on fridays i grab bagels on the way to work for me and my coworker.

7. i used to watch the muppets as a child.

8. i once hit the pin from 60 yards, blind shot up hill.  and  haven’t hit a good shot since.  2 people saw:  my brother and the greens keeper.

9. lawnmowers freak me out.

10. i love picking wild raspberries.

and, naturally,…i’m tagging mtp, buzzy and muttsnsuch!

harbingers on translucent wing
February 24, 2009, 8:24 pm
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oochy, what a fun lunch i had!

first of all, i felt my first bee of the season when i was stung!  a native bee. a sweat bee, in fact.  it was exciting because it is the harbinger of many bees to come.

then, while watering the plants i SAW my first native bee of the season.  an augochlorini, doing bee type things on my yellow sedum flower.



i found two petrified june beetles!

(d’ja ever see the movie “junebug?” i liked it.)

oh, and hell no, i wouldn’t be holding the beetle if it was alive.  i’m not quite there yet people.  i leave all the heavy lifting to buzzybeegirl!  she leaves the grillin’ to me.

so…there will be many bug lighting excursions this summer.  not to mention the garlic harvest in late may. (a very delicious weekend, indeed!)  so grab beers and head over!

woah….someone’s getting a little to excited about the spring.  please excuse me.