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perfect pickles and the cheesy pockets…
February 5, 2009, 2:32 pm
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i put one of these on my photo blog the other day, but thought you might want to see them:

jump1you’re used to seeing the silly pickles. well, here is serious pickles, the agility dog.

jump2last night our agility instructor started calling her “perfect pickles”!

jump3and yes, i did make the jumps.  two of the three.  it was easy and cheap.

so there you have it. my intense little pickles, concentrating very hard to get to me as fast as possible so i can give her a piece of cheese.

in all the classes i’ve taken with my dog and worked at with other peoples dogs i have learned that usually the dog who is doing the best in class….is the one with the best treats.  the dogs that aren’t as focused some how magically focus more when you stop giving them dry, crunchy, boring dog biscuits and give them roasted chicken, cheese, turkey dogs, fresh beef livers.  for extreme cases we use peanut butter or tripe.

i hate tripe.  i won’t stand near anyone that is using it.


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Beef liver and tripe is good eatin’ in some places!

Pickles looks very serious about her work. She is just so cute.

Comment by S. Le

It is strange to see the serious side of Miss Pickles, but she definitely looks to be in great form.

Comment by forkboy

YEAY Pickles! I don’t like the look of tripe…i wouldn’t stand near anyone using it either.

Comment by tam

Good job on the homemade agility poles!
I think I know what you mean about high-value treats. We bought a new crate last weekend, so there’d be one for Cai, who never got properly crate-trained as a pup. Last night he slept in his, no barks, only a few minutes of whimpering before settling down. He and Fergus had each been put to bed with a chunk of bullwinkle.

Comment by lavenderbay

My wife gives our guys tripe. It smells terrible, but they love it.

Pickles is very focused!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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