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lessons we have learned from the bradys
February 9, 2009, 1:59 am
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remember the brady bunch episode where carol is at the grocery and she backs out of her spot and gets in the fender bender with the curmudgeon?

as you may recall, later in that episode there was a battle of the sexes “drive off” involving some cones and an egg?

well, i was at the grocery tonight, backing out of my spot.  carefully backing out of my spot.  taking my time backing..out..of.. my spot. don’t worry, i didn’t hit anything.  you see, in the back of my mind…i recall what happened to carol.  and while i may not have a mike that will get irritated with me, or a curmudgeon that makes me feel like a loser driver, that episode made an impact on me.  and each time i pull out of my spot i’m looking for someone back there!

now here’s the thing, i’m a terrible driver.  ask my boss.

a question for you:  am i a bad driver because i learned the rules of the road from the bradeys, orrrr, am i a bad driver that is good at backing out in parking lots BECAUSE of the bradeys?


another question:

what did YOU learn from the bradys?


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how to fake a UFO sighting.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

i hope you don’t use that one as frequently as i use the traffic episode!

Comment by goodbear

I’m not sure I learned anything from the Bradys, but their theme song sure lodged in my head.

Comment by myrmecos

you never know, alex….that song could save you some day!

Comment by goodbear

I learned that I should never throw a football at my sisters nose

Comment by buzzybeegirl

Not to make a volcano for my school science project.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

i’m sure your sister appreciates that buzzy.

Comment by goodbear

I learned never, hang your little sister from the clothes line with your belt…….thankfully for you!

Comment by pennycat

Don’t catch a football with your nose.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

that their life really was not how it is supposed to be, even though they wanted to to think so.

Comment by daisydog

I learned that Jan gave me funny feelings in my shorts.

But I’m not certain that is what you were looking for….


Comment by forkboy

I learned that no matter how rich someone is, they can still be stupid. A huge house, including a maid, and only one bathroom for six children???

Comment by lavenderbay

forkboy…all the guys were thinking it, you just said it. good job you!

(i never said this was a rated g blog!)

Comment by goodbear

If you want the good cuts of meat date Sam the butcher. Right Alice?

Comment by Maggie Mae

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