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the weekend begins with a shriek and a wag
February 14, 2009, 5:22 pm
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but first….a few expletives:  yesterday morning, a couple hours after explaining to a friend that my ankle was feeling better…i dropped a 28 pound pc tower on my foot!  as some of you knowwww, i’m a delicate flower. (“delicate flower” = “clumsy person with zero pain tolerance”)

but that’s ok, the day moved along and then friends came over, some even brought their dogs.  (hurray! say pickles and cody bear! wagwagwag)

party1i have a friend who owns a wedding cake bakery and she always shows up with the most delicious cakes:

cake1here the cross section shows the filling:  a dark chocolate genache layer with white chocolate mousse and then drizzled with espresso!

cake2oh yeah baby! and note the paw print. that is her signature.  she hides a paw print on each of her wedding cakes!

cody bear has always loved parties, but sometime around 11 he started getting queazy.

partybearand here you see pickles moping because she couldn’t get ANY of the dogs to play with her.  cody tried early in the night, but there just wasn’t enough room, so he decided to lay low.

partydogmoving on…

this morning pickles and i went to be helpers at the dog training center.  there was a class of 7 dogs working on their stays and recalls.  they were supposed to be able to stay with distractions.  well, long story short…(and i’ll preface it by saying SHE’S FINE) a dog broke its stay and instead of going to it’s owner.  he charged pickles.  she got bit on the shoulder.  it is spitty and tender, but not punctured.  she had a hard morning at work! (and yes…i was flipping out!)

we were all very surprised because this is one of the best trained dogs in class, annnnd…..everyone loves pickles!  two other dogs broke their stays and charged her, but just to say hello or play.  as you can imagine…she’s exhausted!

sheesh, sorry about the long post.  and this isn’t even half of what’s happened since i last posted 15 hours ago!  but…i need to take the munchkins for a nap.  i’m blowing off agility photography and probably the party i was going to tonight, as well.  i need to safely tuck myself into my neighborhood for the day before my delicate flower self gets any more surprises.

i’ll be back after the nap to tell you about the blessing of the valentines pineapple and to enlist your help in a new tradition!


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Poor Picky. She sounds like she just wants to be loved!

Maybe the dog was jealous she is such as smarty.

Comment by Still Life in South America

I used to feel just like Pickles when I would go to parties in college …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Attacked by a hard drive and a soft bite! I hope the rest of your family’s weekend has gone better.

Comment by lavenderbay

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