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please dress pickles!
February 16, 2009, 4:08 am
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BUT…we have a pressing issue here! pickles is getting too big for her collar!

here’s where we get alllll interactive!  woohoo!

that’s right, you’re going to help me find the perfect collar for….

pickles-chewing1pickles. (aka gran pick macgregor)

criteria?  here’s some info.  she’s a”she”….people keep calling her a “he”. so it should be somewhat femme.  but not lame femme.

she’s a fun loving border collie.  she loves dogs, people  and even her kitty.  she’s active…then suddenly sleepy. and she needs the perfect collar. i have some suggestions, but you can make some, too.  we need FEEDBACK! cuz i’m indecisive.  (no bling, bows and such.) her likes: agility, friends, suggling, bugs, walks, nature. her dislikes: ….being left alone.

choice 1

choice 2

choice 3

those are some suggestions.  but we think you can find something, so please send suggestions.  pickles’ mom is a libra…so she can’t decide!

thanks yo!


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#3 with the bees! The pale yellow is a nice contrast to Pickles’ fur and the bees tie in nicely with your love for bugs. Love to Cody Bear and Pickles.

Comment by thetexfiles

#2 – the bees are cute but she’s a border collie so the sheep are perfect.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Sheep,definitely, sheep! Baaahed choice!

Comment by pennycat

how about this:

Comment by pennycat

I like #3 with the bees!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Difficult choice but bees are the best one for you, I mean Pickles.

Comment by S. Le

I very much like your choice number 3 for Ms. Pickles.

However, I found this and think it describes her quite well because she gets on like a house on fire!

Comment by forkboy

forkboy! that collar is from the bill PICKLES dog collar company!!!!

Comment by goodbear

I like them all, but you know I like the bees. So I have to go with #3. Good point Dave, she is suppose to herd sheep =-)

Comment by buzzybeegirl

but she herds large beetles instead!

Comment by goodbear

I’ve been researching a new collar for Daphne as a matter of fact. Here are two that I’m really thinking of and love…thought I would suggest them for your Pickles:

Out of the three you’ve chosen I really like #1.

Comment by Christina

felinefido are really nice. She donated several collars when I was working for a rescue in L.A…Ansli still is wearing hers. She looks pretty.
also…these look cool

Comment by mutts & such

I vote #1 and also Christina’s 2nd one!

Comment by Summer

that’s right goodbear! i thought it made sense in some cosmic manner….

Comment by forkboy

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